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David P Calvert PA Immigration lawyer

When it comes to understanding immigration laws and how they may affect the well-being of you, your family or your business and employees, your best course of action is to consult with an experienced immigration attorney for the latest information and proper legal representation. David P Calvert PA attorney at law has helped many people stop deportations, obtain green cards and the appropriate visa and is available to answer all of your questions on any immigration issue. He works closely with each client to help them understand the complex legal terminology and resolve any immigration problem.

Consult David P Calvert PA immigration lawyer for qualified legal services related to any of the following:

Obtaining Citizenship

Applicants seeking citizenship can run into immigrations problems for a variety of reasons. Tax issues, a criminal record and other complex technicalities can slow down or even eliminate your chance at achieving citizenship. David P Calvert PA lawyer will represent your best interests and guide you through immigration procedures by clearly explaining the requirements for fulfilling the naturalization process and related perquisites.

Appealing a Decision: Deportation

Whether your petition for asylum has been denied, or your green card application has been unnecessarily delayed, David P Calvert PA attorney will file and an appeal with the appellate court and provides effective and aggressive legal representation if you are facing deportation orders.


David P Calvert PA offers clarification on all waiver types and handles the challenges that are blocking your permanent resident status.

Criminal Defense for Immigrants

It is important that immigrants accused of crimes have a clear understanding of their rights. David P Calvert PA lawyer is available to collaborate with existing defense counsel to ensure that any immigrant receives a legitimate defense and that all constitutional amendments are respected.

Business and Employment Immigration: Work Visas

David P Calvert PA has settled numerous cases for companies both large and small seeking visas in a number of categories as well as providing a range of practical legal resources and options for non-immigrant workers. In addition, immigrant workers employed in wide range of industries including construction or agricultural and other business institutions are provided legal guidance for securing long-term permanent resident status.

Family Immigration: Obtaining Green Cards for Your Loved Ones

David P Calvert PA immigration lawyer can speed up the process for permanent residents requesting green cards for their children, siblings or parents. Speak to an experienced attorney for assistance with all the paperwork and for updated information on the latest immigration laws.

Dedicated Legal Expertise in Immigration Law

David P Calvert PA attorney at law has extensive experience with the successful resolution of many cases for immigrants seeking assistance with permanent residence, naturalization and obtaining visas for either themselves or their families. He has also provided co-counsel criminal defense and has represented a diverse range of immigrants who have been victims of violence and face deportation. David P Calvert PA attorney has also undertaken numerous successful appeals in both federal court and before the Board of Immigration Appeals for cases pertaining to removal waivers and those seeking political asylum.

Contact David P Calvert PA for more information and for answers to any of your questions about immigration.

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